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Extractions for Pain Relief & Smile Restoration

Having a tooth extracted can be one of many options to relieve you of pain. Extractions are also the first step to many smile restoration cases that involve teeth than cannot be brought back to health.

Comfort, Relief, and a Better Quality of Life

If you are having chronic tooth pain having the troubled tooth extracted is one of many options that we will review with you. Once we have ruled out that a root canal would not save the tooth and rid you of pain, extraction is usually the next option. Here at Cross Creek Dental we also use extractions to make room for new teeth in the case of adolescence needing their wisdom teeth or second molars removed or stubborn baby teeth. Extracting teeth is also a normal part of restoring a smile. Whatever your needs may be, we always put patient comfort first!
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Situations Where an Extraction Can Solve an Issue

  • Chronic Pain

  • Crowded Teeth

  • Wisdom Teeth in Adolescence

  • Stubborn Baby Teeth

  • Extra Teeth

  • Smile Restoration

  • Denture Preparation

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